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Today's Topic: Design Placement

Where should the design be placed on the runner?

The answer to this question is a matter of how you want the design to present and what your aisle looks like.

Think about what is most important to you:  do you want every guest to see it?  Or do you prefer that it show up in lots of photos taken during the ceremony?

Generally speaking, if the design is placed at the bottom of the aisle runner, everyone will see it as they enter the room.  This only works though if the entrance to the space is at the back of the room.  If your guests enter from another way, they won't see it at all.  Think about how the traffic will flow.

Another popular placement of the design is to put it toward the altar end.  This is a great way for it to show up in photos, but it's really important that you give it enough room so that you are not standing on it (or covering it up with the train of the dress).  Think about the aisle and where you are standing.  Is there a platform, steps? How far away is the first row of seats?

Center placement is great, but if you have a very long aisle, it may be hard to see except for the few people in the rows of seats directly around the center point.   If your aisle is 75 feet or more and you place the design at center, people won't be able to se it 35 feet away if they enter at the back of the room.

wedding aisle runner with design placed at bottom

The design is placed at the bottom of the long runner (behind the seating at the ceremony) so everyone sees it as they enter the space.


The design is placed about 5 feet from the bottom of a medium length runner (approximately 50 feet) and everyone can see it as they enter



The design is placed about 15 feet from the top edge of a long runner so that it appears behind the couple during the ceremony.

Still unsure?  Send a sketch and we'll provide our opinion.